About Me—Me, Me, Me

My name is Matt Kundert and I spent the better part of a decade receiving my B.A (in history), preparing for grad school (in english), and writing amateur essays (in philosophy). My only achievement to date is having read Richard Rorty's entire corpus (on a dare).

I'm an "amateur philosopher," and by "amateur" I mean I don't get paid for it (and I never expect to) and by "philosopher" I mean if most of this crap were ever published it would be housed in the section of the library marked "Philosophy," up there with Plato, Kant, Nietzsche and all the rest of those pretentious jackalopes. My highest aspiration in life is to read for a living. It doesn't really matter all that much what. Writing is nice, and I do enjoy teaching, but it's mainly the reading.

Here are two short introductions to my philosophical sponsor:
Intro to Richard Rorty
Rorty Reading List

Here are two tidy briefs on an old friend:
Intro to Robert Pirsig
A Short Pirsig Presentation

Here is a description of the project I entertain here:
The Friday Experiment