Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I still don't write poetry

The Sound of Love

If ever there were a word
That could capture the absurd
Way in which I feel about
That most vainglorious lout
We call Love, the High-Flying, Dusk-til-Dawn Bird

It would be "Danger" and "Dark" and "Stay-away-heart".
Nobody knows the damage that's done in its name,
But I hear on the winds the truth, like a swift dart,
That sometimes a pin-prick can light its great flame.

When we plunge unexpectedly into its center
We don't think for a moment about the tear-drop
That must be paid full attention, just like the necter.
I sometimes forget that I must never stop

Bowing and kow-towing
To the temple of spring.
Lighting its great fire,
As we shine and perspire,
Performing Love's ritual until she goes "Ding!"


  1. That's fun. 'Love' the last stanza:0)

  2. Thanks. I'm a little embarrassed. I try to bury these poems as quickly as possible. I've never written poetry before, until a month ago, because I never could write it before, but reading it more has given me a false sense ability. Woo-hoo, I can rhyme now, look at me.

    I was at a wedding a week or two ago with my girlfriend and after the groom read his vows, I leaned over and told her that my love of hack poetry has won me over to writing my vows in sonnet form.

    That'll keep me from getting married....

  3. matt...

    i hope that's sarcasm,
    or i'll kick you ass.. mm?

    how's that for a sonnet?
    love me


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