Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Quote of the Day

I can't concentrate long enough to write anything, nor have I long enough spaces of time to work a good groove, so instead I find myself reading old junk. And like a flash, what I should do dropped from the heavens: quotes of the day, changed as often as I remember. Quotes of who?

Me. Instead New Me (like freshly minted scripts like "What Pragmatism Is") or Old Me (like papers from yore like "Rhetoric and Dialectic in Plato"), there shall be Repeated Me:

"Sometimes I think those who are attracted to metaphilosophy are those who never want to lose an argument. Always wanting to win, or at the least never lose, will drive one to being familiar with arguments of all kinds and the various levels of arugments so that one is never caught off guard. This kind of pathology, of which I am no doubt susceptible, leads you to always try and stay one step ahead. Eventually, though, I think you figure out that there are no winners in philosophy qua argument, and so you become an expert at stalemate."

--Do Analysts and Metaphysicians Disagree?


  1. Agreed...

    Philosophy is fun play, just as baseball is fun play, and whereas we're all in it for the fun, we nonethelss play to win.

  2. What does that mean when you start qouting yourself, I don't even know.

    Your a trip Matt.

  3. I think it means you've been convinced by Descartes that the past may have been made up by a demon, and so you feel compelled to remind yourself that you existed and said things before the present moment when you're saying things.

    Or you're schizophrenic and fear your litigious other self will sue for copyright infringement.

    Actually, you're the reason I thought of doing this. I've been so caught up in being serious, calm and charitable that I'd forgotten I was supposed to be a raging egomaniac half the time.

  4. The egomaniac is much more pleasing.

  5. On a side note,
    I find that it's difficult to comment on much of what you have in this blog as I agree with you on many things.

    So hey, great Job man, way to go!

    I'm an argumentative bastard, and you're not giving me anything here. Although I've come accross fire power anyway.


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